江苏十一选五最快e:空氣污染英語作文 空氣污染的英語作文5篇

下载江苏十一选五开奖结果 www.qktns.com 空氣污染,又稱為大氣污染。以下是小編為大家整理推薦關于描寫空氣污染的話題英語作文,希望對大家有所幫助!

空氣污染英語作文 空氣污染的英語作文5篇


Pollution is becoming more and more serious all over the world. As is shown in the cartoon, two cars are giving off waste gas and three people are trying to avoid breathing in the poisonous gas by masking their face with their hands. The poisonous gas sent off by factories, domestic appliances and automobiles has made the air unhealthy for people to breathe.

There is no denying that automobiles are indications of civilization, progress and development; nevertheless , automobiles cause the serious problem of air pollution. Scientists have warned that unless effective measures are taken, the problem of pollution will eventually get out of hand. Actually, people are showing a real concern over the problem. For example, there is an increasingly loud voice from the public for firm action against pollution from automobiles.

Indeed, the earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our descendants. In my opinion, we should work out concrete solutions to the problem of pollution from poisonous gas given off by automobiles. For example, the automobiles should be equipped with a device which can dispose of waste gas so as to prevent it from polluting air. Only in this way can we really solve the problem of air pollution caused by automobiles.


Pollution is harmful to human beings. Polluted water causes many kinds of diseases such as diarrhea, enteritis, etc. And sometimes these diseases even take man’s life. Dirty air or air-borne garbage causes stinging eyes and running nose. Pollutants are destructive. They cause runs in nylon stockings and crack rubber tires and they eat away at stone and rust iron.

Measures have been taken to control pollution. In recent years, legislative steps have been introduced to control pollution. Rivers are being cleaned. Air is purified, and pollutants are being trapped before they are poured out of chimneys.

However, pollution problems have not been completely solved. Pesticides are widely used almost everywhere. They pollute soil, water and food. They have the power to make our streams fishless and our gardens and woodlands silent and birdless. Some factories are still using air as a dumping place for wastes. Some lakes are still dirty. Quite a few chimneys are still pouring smoke into air and noise pollution remains serious.


In the past few decades, our Earth has changed a lot, but to the bad direction. Among these changes, the air pollutions resulting from a huge number of automobiles and coal-burning is almost the severest. The severe air pollution alarms humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable production and usage of automobiles. However, with the deepening of urbanization, more cars are needed, which will make the air pollution worse. Therefore, the following actions should be taken. First, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to adopt new forms of energy as substitutes for fossil fuels. Second, try hard to develop possible transportation means, which are enviromental friendly. So that the citizens can reduce the dependence on cars. In short, our humans should take responsibilities for the air pollution and have to find ways to solve this problem.



In general, there are two ways of traveling, private cars and public transportation. Chinese people should regard public transportation as their first traveling opinion.


First, there are so many people living in this countries that make it so crowded. If each chinese people own a car, there will be far more traffic jams and accidents, which increase you impatience.


Moreover, there will be far more pollution resulted from cars. Once a car started, it release huge amount of dirty gas and heat, which lead to great pollution and result in green house effect.


All in all, Chinese people should take public transpotation into consideration first。



Once man did not have to think about the protection of his environment. There were few people on the earth, and natural resources seemed to be unlimited.

Today things are different. The world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources,and polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, human life on earth will not survive.

We realize that if too many fish are taken from the sea, there will soon be none left. Yet,with modern fishing methods, more and more fish are caught.We know that if too many trees are cut down, forests will disappear. Yet, we continue to use powerful machines to cut down more and more trees. We see that if rivers are polluted with waste products, we will die. Yet, waste products are still put into rivers.

We know that if the population continues to rise at the present rate, in a few years, there won't be enough food.What can we do to solve these problems?

If we eat more vegetables and less meat, there will be more food available. Land for crops feeds five times more people than land where animals are kept.

Our natural resources will last longer if we learn to recycie them.

The world population will not rise so quickly if people use modern methods of birth control.

Finally, if we educate people to think about the problems we shall have a better and cleaner planet in the future.


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